Thursday, April 15, 2010

Now That I Think About It...

...My grandparents had lots of money. And a full-time gardener. And no little kids playing football on the lawn or losing the soccer ball in the bushes (unless we were visiting).

I think I can ease up on myself. My problem is that I tend to be over-ambitious, then quit when the going gets tough. I'm going to just try to do the best I can and be happy with it.

With that in mind I planted my veggies in the square foot garden. I cheated and used pre-packaged Miracle-Gro garden soil, before I read on a garden forum that it was crap (I asked at the Garden center why anyone would say it's crap - apparently it has a bad rep for not being organic. I can live with that, frankly.)

I cleaned out the Secret Garden and trimmed the lemon tree.

I hired a friend's 13 year old to clean out the garden in the side yard, and I planted two of Dad's camellias, one azalea, and a bunch of annuals. I'm not finished with that yet, but it's started at least.

I sorta cleaned out a couple of the front beds, so at least they don't look horrible.

I trimmed back the cassia tree in the back garden.

Still needs doing soon:

Throwing out the trimmings of the lemon and cassia trees.
Mulching a few places with cardboard before the weeds get wild.
Find a spot to put the asparagus plant I bought. There isn't room for it in the veggie garden.
Clean out the herb garden...although, that is not exactly a "need" right now. Just a "really want".
Hire the kid again to do some more work cleaning out other beds. If not - no biggie, it can wait "one more year" like it has for the past 5 years!

I have some purple iris blooming and it's spectacular! I want to plant a ton more this fall.

Veggies I planted -

Tomatoes (2 varieties, including the "Sweet 100" which is the only one I ever have real success with)
Jalapeno peppers
Serrano chilies
Mint (in a large pot. I learned my lesson years ago!)

I sprouted some garbanzo beans to try and also some kidney beans the kids sprouted.

That's it for now.

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