Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Landscaping - before

Back garden:

This will be cleaned out, plants moved around (if I want to save them) and sod laid.

The persimmon tree will be removed. Although it bears fruit, it's been dying since Katrina. It drops rotten fruit all over and attracts undesirable critters. I will probably find a place to put another one, since we do love the persimmons and it's an attractive little tree.

We will keep the roses where they are. I'm not sure of the rest, I will take his recommendation, although I do know which plants I want to keep. he says he can save and move anything.

"You can keep this if you want" he said. LOL. Well, John and Daniel built it so we will. It wasn't exactly what we had in mind but still. It does need to be cleaned out and maybe he will have ideas on what to plant in it. I envision it with a few plants around it but mostly the sod.

I am keeping the tree. I want some plants along the fence (vines I think) but other than that plain is fine. In the old herb garden I want some annuals I can switch out every season. I will move the herb garden to the front by the garage, which is far more convenient to the kitchen!

Maybe some sort of edging along the path? Monkey grass sounds good but I guess the regular grass and weeds would infiltrate pretty easily. I am all about low maintenance right now.

The "Secret Garden" on the side:

Weed and mulch. Maybe a ground cover. I'm pretty happy with most of the plants back there, other than the lantana that won't go away.

Through the arch to the veggie garden:

Weed and mulch the raised garden. Move the bricks away from the wall to avoid termites.

In the center I want the stone pathway and just mulch.

Along the fence I want another raised garden. I bought 2 kits at Sam's the other day. Maybe use those, maybe not. I want some pretty things there. Veggies are fine, but I want some flowers we can see form the hot tub (inside that long window).

Just a view of the veggies from the other direction.

And back into the small garden. There is a vine planted on the right - it should grow to climb the trellis and the pole (the clothesline will be moved but the pole left there for plants to climb).

Now, out to the side yard:

The shrubs will be removed. I want the herb garden here.

I don't know what to do with the walk...I want it there. Maybe mulch between the stones.

Here is one spot where I need design help. I'm thinking to extend plantings along the walk and have this part just bulge out. I want low maintenance and I want the kids to be able to play in the yard as usual.

This bush (Hawthorn) can stay or be moved.

Weed, mulch, edge, extend out. Maybe some annuals to fill in, but those are camellias and azaleas that will grow large.

On to the front:

Weed, mulch, edge, fill in with annuals (same as above).

He is going to clean out the shrubs. Many will be removed, the rest will be trimmed.

Another view.

I want the little hedge gone! I was thinking rosemary. Now I'm not sure. I'll listen to the guy first. Something that smells good sounds good to me, so I can catch a whiff from the hammock.

Thinking of just cleaning this up. I kindof like it like it is.

These are on either end of the porch, and I'm thinking easy-care perennials.

I want to move the lilies out of here and make this strictly seasonal annuals.

Dig out the swamp iris that doesn't bloom (since it isn't a swamp) and move the lilies here with some regular iris and daffodils for year round color.

More shrubs to clean out.

And more, ugh.

But I would like to plant something so it doesn't just come to an abrupt end.

I LOVE my azalea garden here. I would love to add more!! I would like to organize and improve the soil, make it look more put together. Some mulch and a bench.

Mulch around all the trees.

A small flower bed around the mailbox, for a vine or annuals.

Get rid of the hitchhiking lantana, and get rid of the old rotting wood edge, just grass around these.

Some plants I would like to see used:

butterfly bush
moon vine
morning glories

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