Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I always liked having plants around, but fake ones were much more my style! I can't count the times I managed to kill a sturdy, idiot-proof houseplant! I tried a small garden in front of our first apartment when we got married. I don't know how it turned out - we moved away before it had a chance to stand or fall.

We moved from there into a house with a yard. it was March, and the first thing we did - sneaking onto the vacant property before we closed on it - was to dig a garden in the back. A vegetable garden, to be exact. We do pretty well with vegetables - well, as long as they are Sweet 100 tomatoes, it seems.

My first gardens were very basic. Square or rectangle shaped - perhaps a circle around a tree. Landscape timbers formed the edges (not that there's anything wrong with that! In fact I'm planning to do some more of those soon.). Plants all evenly spaced, like little soldiers. Colors matched or coordinated. Usually I ended up with plants together but having different needs...I didn't pay too much attention. I didn't spend any time preparing the bed first...just a small handful of Osmocote in the hole and a quick watering after.

I'm a little farther than that now. I look for unique plants, I mix and match things that don't obviously go together, I space them in ways that seem interesting. But it's hard for me to get away from my old lazy ways. I know real gardening takes work, and I love the way I feel after spending some time at hard labor. Old habits are hard to break! Time for this old dog to learn some new tricks.

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