Saturday, March 14, 2009


I bought some herb and veggie transplants last week: two types of tomatoes, cucumbers, Japanese eggplant, hot peppers, spicy globe basil, lemon thyme, parsley (enough to use as caterpillar food too), and cilantro. My goal for today was to get the herb garden cleaned out and planted.

Herb garden before we started.

I had some good helpers, at least for awhile.

Fire ants interrupted our progress. I was able, at great expense to my back (thank you Advil), to finish the plantings; I'll have to pull the weeds after the ants are gone.

So I moved on to the waterfall. I cleaned out the weeds and did some trim work, added soil mix (soil, peat moss and coarse vermiculite) and sowed some flower seeds: small orange zinnias (seed saved from last year), blanket flower, and coneflower. I added a parsley plant to host the caterpillars (and hopefully keep them away from my herb garden).

I spent a little time cleaning up my mess and taking pictures - not many, because I was racing the coming rain. As I was finishing up, hubby came home from mowing at church with a new resident for the garden...

He probably won't stay long, but at least he won't get run over by a tractor here!

A few minutes later, the rain came...

I hope it won't drown out my hard work. On the other hand, it will be much easier to pull weeds later this afternoon (if it ever stops, that is - which is not looking very imminent)!

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