Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shaping Up

It's really starting to shape up, now. Racing the coming rain, I spent a hard hour this morning - then, of course, it cleared up after my shower! But it's looking good.

Today I planted the Mexican Heather and dwarf mondo grass along the walk to the gate. There is already heather between the other side of the walk and the sunroom wall, and I love the way it looks. It's so far out for two reasons - concrete farther out than the walk, and it will grow and fill in that space pretty quickly. I put in the yellow rose and maypop vine along the far fence the other day. There are also now Moonflower seeds planted along the perimeter.

I'm still not sure what else to put in this area. I'll put some stones for walking on, but I would like to have plants in the rest of it. I'm really horrible at planning and design, so it will just be totally random. I don't want to hurry, but I want to get it done!

Just beyond the bird bath is a satsuma tree. Around that tree I planted various summer-blooming bulbs.

The stones are under the bird feeder. I want to have something underneath it so weeds don't sprout. Still thinking about how to do it.

The two plants in the right of the picture were also planted this morning.

The seeds I planted in the waterfall bed are sprouting nicely and may even need thinning. I'm so excited! I rarely have luck with seeds. Those are zinnias, blanket flowers, and coneflowers - hoping for butterflies! I put in a parsley plant for caterpillar food. Just the other side of the water feature is where I put the milkweed. They should be happy now.

I was thrilled to see the new daffodil has TWO flowers on it!

I put several herbs in pots - mint and oregano because they need their own space, and another parsley to put wherever (just because I like the look of pots too!). My garlic chives are blooming so nicely right now.

The sun room is the room right inside my garden area. I've been loving sitting out there doing my paperwork. Hoooray for portable laptops! Now the view is getting even better.

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